I really dislike thanksgiving.

I feel like in a strange we we are celebrating the colonization of the most oppressed people around the world: indigenous peoples. (Especially women and children.) Also, the fact that 300 million turkeys die every year and live their shortened objectified lives in a gross and abusive way. I see wild turkeys a lot near the bird sanctuary - they are coooooool. Also - it’s black friday the day after. This holiday season is completely an antithesis to what I cherish. 

But yeah. Most people just enjoy a meal with their family and talk about what they are thankful for so that’s pretty cool. (And ostracize the weirdos in their family with little remarks.)

But yeah.

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  1. julianproxy said: … and, when people try to make comments about what I can’t eat at these things, I just remind them, “Isn’t it really about enjoying each other?” Shuts them right up, and it’s even polite.
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