Rick Santorum voices support for assassination of nuclear scientists.

"…I’m hopeful that some of the things we’re seeing with respect to their [Iran] nuclear program that the U.S. is involved with. Which is, on occasion, scientists working on the nuclear program in Iran turn up dead. I think that’s a wonderful thing.  …And if people say ‘well you can’t go out and assassinate people.,’ well…tell that to Awlaki. We’ve done it. We’ve done it for an American citizen."

Oh man. There is so much wrong with Santorum. So much. At least he’s being honest that he sees the U.S. above the law. What an Christian he is! Let me guess, he started to say an entirely different thing but his words got mumbled and out came this, right? 

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    Okay, now, because of this assassination of an Iranian scientist, and lovely comments like these, Iran is accusing us of...
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    Think about it like this, what if Iran was doing that in America. They sent over some armed officers to assassinate...
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    …Does this mean he can be detained indefinitely? Its downright scary that people like this are even given the time of...
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    And Hillary Clinton denies any involvement of the US with this….. seriously… WTF???
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    I’m sure all of the employees of LLNL, ORNL, SNL, BNL, LANL, Y-12, NTS, etc. would like to see this precedent set.
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    American politics, ladies and gentlemen.
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    … … … I have nothing to say but this: So far, historically, the only country who had actually used a bomb is America. It...
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    We should probably kill all children too, since they go around making trouble, developing into delinquents and getting...
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    how does this sort of scum make it this far in the polls?
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    oh my…