I can’t believe that the Joplin mosque was burned to the ground. Some prayer rugs didn’t just get burned, we didn’t lose a few Qur’ans. The whole masjid was razed. 

Someone came to the Joplin mosque last night at 3:30 am with the intention of wiping it off the map. The loss would be felt even if this was an accident, but we know that the pain is magnified under these hateful and bigoted conditions. During our most holy month, the Islamic community of America has lost a place to pray and a place of peace. But what these arsonists don’t understand is that the real mosques and the foundations of Islam are not in mortar or brick, but wherever the believers are. The foundation of Islam is in over one billion people in this world, in every state, country and language. You might be able to get rid of a mosque, but you can’t get rid of Islam.

 ”But since we are people of faith we just can remember that this is a thing that happened because God let it happen, and we have to be patient, particularly in the month of Ramadan, control our emotions, our anger.” - Imam Lahmuddin of the Joplin Mosque

Post-racial America? Freedom of Religion? …I suppose so, if you’re a white Christian.

I’m appalled by what happened in Wisconsin and in my state of Missouri. I’m not surprised because the number of attacks on Muslims and Sikhist communities in this country are numerous. One extra point that I feel compelled to make: “God let it happen.” I read this too often when acts of sheer hate are committed. I often think to myself: “religion sure seems to help ameliorate pain, but it also helps aggressors and oppressors and it stifles dissent and direct action way too often. It stops the conversation we all should be having dead in its tracks.” I’m a total believer in forgiveness, if only for our own happiness - to forgive is to let goooo. However, using/blaming/allowing/accepting “God” as an explanation isn’t an explanation at all. I truly feel if more people said, “God didn’t let this happen. This is terrible and this was caused by [insert actual cause or causes] and this is unacceptable and we must not let this happen,” the future could possibly be different. Perhaps my thoughts on this sort of matter should be expressed in a separate post entirely, but it would be disingenuous of me not to say anything since it screamed out of me, and often does, when I read people of faith, almost every time and in every situation, say this. This sentiment, on a large scale, helps oppressors, occupiers, and their kin, maintain agency over those they hurt since the oppressed and the victims are often meek in behavior and thought, and just sit and wait for the future to get better. Maybe the haters will one day not hate, simply out of a change of heart. Maybe one day the polluters will simply stop polluting. Maybe Israel will de-occupy. Maybe CEOS will willingly hand over their bonuses to main street. And if not, God let it happen, and maybe one day, it will change. Repeat this cycle. Ad nauseam. Again, these feelings are not really about this particular case. I respect what the imam said and I feel it provides a stark contrast to the mind of those who commit or support this hate. Love is, in fact, transcendent. 

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