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Dylan Ratigan, ‘Greedy Bastards’ (Pt. 1) on

I miss being able to watch this guy daily.

Once you’ve said your piece, you can either keep saying it — and then it’s a job, good job, pays well, everybody knows your name, it’s great — or you can decide what you’re going to do about it. And the answer is, I don’t know. But I do know, in order to figure it out, I have to dismount.

Dylan Ratigan

From the NYT, Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC

It’s an atypical end to an atypical show. Mr. Ratigan came to MSNBC from CNBC, where he hosted a stock-picking show called “Fast Money” until early 2009. Since his abrupt departure from that show, he has changed quite a bit. He has spoken out against too-big-to-fail banks and the politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, who he says are poisonously allied with those banks and other special interests. He has pushed his guests to talk about political and economic solutions rather than just problems.

In doing so, he has acted as a crusader of sorts, challenging cable news norms — and sometimes sticking out from the rest of MSNBC’s daily schedule.

Cable news, he said Sunday, “is designed to argue about rules and resources, and who should control them,” especially in an election year. That’s an argument that he’s no longer interested in having, he implied. …

Good for him. Fella had some epic rants in the last few months.

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I saw the email last night and I was immediately saddened. He has been a daily dose of inspiration for sure, the last few years on my life, and especially when I was away at college for 4 months this year. I was surrounded by inanity in the hometown of Rush Limbaugh and every week day I knew that I could turn on Dylan and it would be a breath of fresh air. He wanted no part of the partisan bullshit; he searched for solutions and a way out of this mess. I got many book recommendations from his excellent choice of authors he would bring on as well; his own book Greedy Bastards was a great read too. After my sadness wore away I started to smile because I knew that he was a man who wanted to do more and I knew that we would hear from him soon.

Like he said, “you’re either awake and looking for answers, or you’re asleep looking for a fight.”

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According to the Center for Responsive Politics, 129 former lobbyists are working in “critically important staff positions” in the 112th Congress, up from 60 in the 111th. On the flip side, the Center also reports that, of the 120 former members of the 11th Congress, about 50% now work for a lobbying firm or client. How much can you afford to ignore your old boss when he’s likely to be your boss again?

Dylan Ratigan, Greedy Bastards

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Imagine that I offered you the chance to go into business with me. Here’s the deal: we assist in the sale of a highly desirable product. So desirable, in fact, that most Americans believe they can’t live without it. Our business is to loan the buyer the money to buy the product, with an average loan of $24,000. What’s special about this business is that it can’t fail, because our buyers can’t renege on their loans. Even if they declare bankruptcy, they still owe us. They face a lifetime of damaged credit histories, and they may have their wages and tax refunds seized by the government, but we get one hundred cents on the dollar. Their employment and other choices may be impacted for decades, and their ability to compete in the global economy will likely suffer, but never mind. The best part, though for us is that if they truly can’t pay, the government will pay us instead. We can’t lose.
Dylan Ratigan describing the predatory college loan market in Greedy Bastards

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A report prepared by twenty Chinese universities described iPod City as a “labor camp” with extensive employee abuse, but that doesn’t capture what it’s like. Foxconn made international headlines in 2010 when young workers in the company dormitories started attempting suicide, some of them when Apple executives were touring the plant. In all, according to Wired magazine, seventeen workers died. The company responded by increasing wages to above $1 an hour, on average, and installing suicide-prevention nets to catch jumpers before they hit the ground. Suicide nets do not address the reasons that employees try to kill themselves; they only spare corporation executives at Foxconn and Apple the public embarrassment of explaining additional worker suicides inside their factories. Catching them when they jump - welcome to the new global manufacturing center.
Dylan Ratigan- Greedy Bastards

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In other words, when we talk about China taking American jobs and doing the manufacturing that used to be done here, the truth is that we are talking about the choices of US-based multinational companies. The Chinese manipulations of tariffs and currency mean that the most profitable thing an American-based multinational can do is turn into a kind of trading pirate, flying the flag of the United states but making its money by plundering us instead. So America gets the bragging rights for Apple, but China gets ten times the Apple jobs.
Dylan Ratigan - Greedy Bastards

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My private conversations with top business leaders encouraged me to trust my own eyes. So while many business journalists were cheering the government for our latest “rescue” from crisis, I was calling for the government’s supposed heroes to go to prison. As a guest on The View, I said that the politicians who authorized the bailout should go to jail. On the Today Show, I accused AIG, the insurance company that received an $85 billion bailout, of blackmail. At first, most people in the media thought I was straight crazy. They couldn’t believe that I was saying this stuff. Many of the companies I was calling out were the ones buying the commercials that paid for financial news programs like mine. So I left Fast Money, started the Dylan Ratigan Show, and I kept talking. Because what makes me so angry, even today, is the the underlying problems have not been solved. The banksters are still using their sway with politicians to commit mind-boggling theft. Ordinary Americans are still being fleeced. All that supposed rescue did was to shift the cost of their reckless gambling from the wealthy and powerful who had created the problem to ordinary people on Main Street.
Dylan Ratigan - Greedy Bastards

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Moving work to China weakens American workers. When you can’t find a job, or your only choice is to accept a pay cut or face layoffs, you’re much less likely to strike. That means multinational corporations benefit twice when they move manufacturing to China. Not only do they get to pay Chinese workers extremely low wages but they also build the leverage to lower wages and limit the rights of their US employees.
Dylan Ratigan - Greedy Bastards

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Informed Outrage: 4 years later - where are the handcuffs?

[Dylan Ratigan, Susan Del Percio, Karen Finney, Jimmy Williams, and Charles Ferguson discuss how the US elite have co-opted the country.]