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Homo unsapiens

The sapien in Homo sapiens must have been aspirational. Maybe one day we will be a “wise” species. Until then - let’s hold the sapient talk, and simply call us Homo

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15 seemingly mundane things that we all do, that if you actually reflect upon, are quite interesting and downright weird. A few cool examples: crying, laughing, &  sleeping. Check this out!

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Olduvai Gorge and the other fossil hominid sites, together comprising a crescent that runs south from Ethiopia and parallels the continent’s eastern shore, have confirmed beyond much doubt that we are all Africans. The dust we breathe here, blown by zephyrs that leave a coating of gray tuff powder on Olduvai’s sisals and acacias, contains calcified specks of the very DNA that we carry. From this place, humans radiated across continents and around a planet. Eventually, coming full circle, we returned, so estranged from our origins that we enslaved blood cousins who stayed behind to maintain our birthright.
Alan Weisman - The World Without Us 

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Most Concern

Humans are listed in the Least Concern category of conservation status.
Isn’t that just lovely?

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